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Close Up Radio Spotlights Dr. Cindy Petersen of Courageous Leadership

Updated: May 1

Austin, TX – Dr. Cindy Peterson is a top notch highly sought-after Leadership Coach and the CEO of Courageous Leadership Coaching & Consulting.

Through her work, using the most practical techniques, tools, and strategies, Dr. Petersen coaches leaders to become the best version of themselves.

Before starting her own coaching and consulting business, Dr. Petersen enjoyed a highly successful career for over 20 lucrative years as the CEO for Gateway Community Charters public education.

Today, working with both leaders and organizations, driven by a sense of deep purpose, and her incredible passion for people, she is bringing high energy, authenticity, and enthusiasm to helping leaders through their personal and professional development experiences.

Moreover, she emphasizes that her role as a coach is not to provide all the answers as those would be her answers, but rather to help client seeks within and find their own answers with her support and help.

Considering she does both coaching and consulting, oftentimes, the lines between the two can be somewhat blurred but there are however clear distinctions. With coaching she acts as her client’s mentor by asking thought provoking questions, so they find their own clarity guiding them to pull out your own answers from within.

On the other hand, with her consulting work, she provides her knowledge, experience, and expertise basically telling the client what should be done by providing them with the right answers.

Through her coaching work, she meets you wherever you are in your life, helps you defy your negative inner voice, devise an actionable plan, and empower you towards achieving your goals.

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